The only promise that you should not break is the one you make with yourself!

We are all born equal. Our decisions in life have led to where we are today. We have always promised ourselves that we will be the best version of ourselves, no matter what. Then, why are we so ready to compromise ourĀ integrity and self-worth by,

– Being in a job that we hate or by being in a relationship that does not allow you to grow and be yourself
– Working under a supervisor who doesn’t give you due credit and rather is using you
– Working in an organisation that is not all white and everyday you are put in situations where your principles are challenged
– Working in an organisation where mediocrity and sycophancy are worshipped
– By promising ourselves that we will change and yet are caught in the cycle of monthly salary and dependency
– By not utilising our innate and acquired skills
– By making others wealthy wherein we could have established our own empires

– By helping others more than how we help ourselves

Let us take an example, you commit to yourself about writing that brilliant article that you wanted. You want to complete that today and you have sufficient time. Suddenly you get a call from your friend asking you to join in a party that he/she is hosting. You may go citing friendship as the reason, but at the end of the day, your article is not written. No one else but you are impacted. Your friendship is ‘strengthened’ you may say, but friendships that hinge on such weak principles – are they worth it?

You promise yourself that this weekend you will treat yourself and your spouse to that day trip that you have planned for months. Suddenly on Friday evening, your boss calls you and asks you to be in office to complete some work that had been unattended to so far. It was a pure mistake from your boss’ end and it was his inefficiency for not having completed the task earlier. You go to office citing ‘work is important’. But is a mistake of someone else worth your personal time?

If we continuously lie to ourselves and degrade ourselves – things are going to take a downward spiral very soon.
While you were busy pleasing the world, the world moves on leaving you in the lurch!



Take a hint from the king of Bollywood!











Keep your promises with yourself – it would be the best investment that you did any day.

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