Cutie Ganesha

Ganesha – A New Beginning

Ganesha, the remover of obstacles was actually created to be an obstacle to anyone wishing to intrude on Parvati’s personal space!

Parvati wanted someone whom she could love, whom she could trust, someone who would not bow to anyone and rather stand up against him lest he intrudes into Parvati’s privacy.

She wanted to create someone who will safeguard her self respect. Someone who will know her and protect what she treasured the most. As a result, Ganesha was created when Parvati took the turmeric paste from her body and lovingly made a form of a boy. Once the image of a very handsome kid was created, Parvati then gave him life and thus was Ganesha born. Parvati instructed him to stand at the door and not let anyone in until she was done with her bath.

All she needed to give a new life was sheer love!

As different as he was conceived was the difference in how his elephant head came to be. We all know the story of what happened next. Blessed with a boon that he would be the first to be worshipped, the immortalised Ganesha is probably the recipient of the first head transplantation recorded!

When the process of conception is so pure and divine, it is evident that the life created will be a worthy one and destined for bigger things!


                                                                                            Cute Ganesha 


Born out of his mother’s action,
Verily the embodiment of her love & affection!

Took up a stand for what is right,
Paid for it with a worthy fight!

Had life breathed into him again,
And an elephant head was his gain!

Became the favourites of one and all,
Reminds us to always rise after a fall!

We welcome him fondly into the house,
And all he has to ride is a mouse!

He is smiling, portly and rotund,
A weight gain is what the modaks portend!

An axe in one hand is what he dons,
Reminding us to cut all bonds!

Riding the mouse may look spiritual,
Controlling your thoughts it is in actual!

A big forehead and flapping ears,
Listens to everything and wipes everyone’s tears!

The turn of his trunk determines fate,
He may be lazy but is never late!

A rotund belly presents prosperity,
Keeps the devotee always happy!

The most intelligent and dedicated to his task,
Very genuine and never dons a mask!

Teaches us to separate the wheat from the husk,
Wrote the entire Mahabharata with just a tusk!

He is kind with a large large heart,
Get his blessing for a great start!