Thinking Alisha

If 3 words were to describe me, they would be energy, inspiration and change. My passion for social service is infectious and result-oriented.

I have been inclined toward social service from my teenage years. At just 18, I founded my first NGO that catered to education and creation of employment opportunities for the poor. Bridging the access to quality education and ensuring that everyone gets a chance to compete fairly irrespective of social status has been my driving passion in this area.

I also have my own SAD© framework for identifying, diagnosing and assisting individuals displaying depression and suicidal tendencies. I have assisted more than 200 individuals who now happily lead normal lives with very successful careers. Many of these individuals have also taken up social service as their passion, thus paying forward the goodness that they received.

With my education and approach, I would like bring about more structure and discipline in this sector, while making it comparable to the corporates in terms of achievements and desirability.

I also love motivating others and have delivered more than 40 speeches across multiple cities in India. I inspire students and teachers to expand their horizons of thought and creativity, while encouraging them on to bigger dreams and successes.