Thinker, Learner, Seeker, Observer, Doer

I strongly believe life is a school. Our opportunities, circumstances, situations, experiences and decisions taken are our teachers and we are the students. We keep learning in life through our daily encounters with different people, across different interest areas and expertise.

"We don't learn from school, we learn from life!"

Making a Difference!

I love generating happiness and making people smile - be it through an act of gratitude or by providing them with an experience to cherish!

Lifestyle improvements, Assistance with education and employment, Ensuring self-reliability and increasing one's self-worth are activities that i pursue. I work with the underprivileged (BPL section), Rural people, Urban slum dwellers, Illiterate and the elderly. The only thing i look for - Passion!

Motivational Speaker

I love interacting with people from all walks of life - across demographies and geographies!

I love taking motivation sessions at Schools, Colleges and Work Places, handling topics such as Stress Management, Time Management, Living with a Positive Attitude, Discovering your Purpose and leading a Happy Life!

NGO Expertise

Carrying out CSR activities for organisations, initiating social service activities, auditing and improving NGO operations and training mentors & teachers - I am involved in all this and much more!

I also run my own NGO and counseling practice, that runs on  collaboration and partnerships to make the world a better place - one individual at a time!

Get in touch!

I love interacting with you all. If there is anything i can help you with, please reach out!